Gresol is a vegetable oil based emulsion of medium viscosity

The edible oil fraction consists of the finest quality vegetable oils, which have been fully refined and deoderised

Conforms to both the Muslim and Jewish authority food standards


Gresol has been specifically formulated as a baking pan release agent, for spray or brush application

Also for burning in baking pans and/or racks


25 litre good grade PVC containers with screw-on cap

Conforms to both the Jewish and Muslim authority food standards

Shelf Life:
3 months when stored under refrigerated conditions (max 20C)
Chemical Analysis:
Free fatty acid:
0,15% max
Peroxide value:
2,0 mEq/kg max
+/- 60%
Viscosity (Brooksfield Viscometer Density):
1100 to 1300 cps@22,5C

High moisture content emulsions have a tendency to break emulsion (ie. separation of the phases) when handled in unfavourable conditions

This is mostly caused by high temperatures