A soft, plasticised puff pastry fat for cold eaten pastry goods

The fat is based on a blend of selectively hydrogenated edible oils, which have been fully refined and deoderised

Conforms to both the Muslim and Jewish authority food standards


Fullpuff has been specially formulated for cold eaten pastry goods, such as croissants and Danish pastries

However, the fat is versatile enough to be used for hot pastries ie. a general purpose pastry fat


25kg corrugated board container, in unique individually wrapped 5x5kg bricks, sliced in 1kg slices for ease of use and accurate scaling

The product contains BHA antioxidant, in accordance with South African legislation

Conforms to both the Jewish and Muslim authority food standards

Shelf Life:
6 months when stored under refrigerated conditions (max 20C)
Chemical Analysis:
Free fatty acids:
0,15% max
Peroxide value:
2,0 mEq/kg max
Salt (as NaCl):
Slip point:
+/- 44-46C
Solid Fat Content (NMR):
+/- 47%
+/- 28,5%
+/- 18,5%

As Fullpuff is supplied in a sliced configuration, the slices of fat may tend to be difficult to separate when handled in unfavourable conditions eg. excess pressure or temperature

Do not stack more than five high

Do not store above 20C