Ensures even distribution in all general confectionery recipes

General purpose frying and confectionery shortening, not necessarily of good creaming performance

The fat is based on selectively hydrogenated edible vegetable oils, which have been fully refined and deoderised

Extremely suitable for deep or shallow frying of potato chips, doughnuts, chicken and fish

No flavour carry-over, or palate cling

Extended frying life due to a combination of anti-oxidant and anti-foaming agents

Conforms to both the Muslim and Jewish authority food standards


Specifically formulated for use in all deep and shallow frying and is suited to both industrial and institutional establishments

Extended frying life of the shortening, due to a combination of anti-oxidant and anti-foaming agents


25kg corrugated board container with food grade, low density polyethylene inner liner

The product contains TBHQ antioxidant in accordance with South African legislation

Conforms to both the Jewish and Muslim authority food standards

Shelf Life:
6 months in sealed container, cool conditions (max 20C)
Chemical Analysis:
Free fatty acids:
0,10% max
Peroxide value:
1,0 mEq/kg max
Salt (as NaCl):
Slip point:
+/- 38C
<12 ppm
Smoke Point:
210C min
<0,05% max
Solid Content (NMR):
+/- 49%
+/- 19,5%
+/- 9%

Due to the nature of soft shortenings, they tend to "oil out" or undergo textural changes when handled in unfavourable conditions

This can be caused by temperature

It is therefore advised that pallets are not stored on top of each other, and the product should be stored as cool as possible